Eula Caballero Teams Up with Martin Escudero in ‘Wattpad Presents: Just For A While’

TV5 Princess Eula Caballero is being paired with Martin Escudero for the first time in "Wattpad Presents: Just for a While" which is set to premiere tonight at 9:30pm on TV5.

Just for a While

For the week of December 8, WATTPAD PRESENTS brings the much-awaited TV adaptation of “Just for a While” by Orange Leaf which has almost 1.5 million hits on Wattpad. Featuring Eula Caballero and Martin Escudero, this rollercoaster love story features the hilarious tale between a boy who refuses to fall in love again because of a promise to a past love and a determined girl who refuses to give up. This heart-warming story begins when Alain (Eula) made a big mistake when she refused to eat the food personally cooked and served to her by Chef Luke (Martin), a passionate chef who takes his cooking craft too seriously. Though Chef Luke feels insulted by Alain’s refusal, he is somehow smitten by her loud personality and as fate would have it, the two continuously cross each other’s path. Find out if Chef Luke and Alain’s story is a perfect recipe for love or disaster.

WattpadWave3 - Eula Caballero WattpadWave3 - Martin Escudero

“Wattpad Presents: Just For A While” is set to premiere tonight, December 8, 2014 at 9:30pm on TV5.

Watch the trailer here:

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