How Frosta and Fuego Got Their Superpowers (Video) #Kidlat

Shaira Mae and Mark Neumann will enter TV5's "Kidlat" as two of the primetime series' new villains. They will play twins Frosta and Fuego who possess the power to produce ice and fire, respectively.

Mark Neumann portrays the hot-tempered Francis who turned into the super villain Fuego. He possesses the power to produce fire:

Kidlat - Mark Neumann as Francis aka FUEGO

Shaira Mae, on the other hand, is the cold-hearted Francine who turned into the super villain Frosta. She has the ability to create ice.

Kidlat - Shaira Mae as Francine aka FROSTA

When Frosta and Fuego combine their powers, they have the ability to unleash a tornado-like force that is bound to cause major destruction and double trouble for our superhero “Kidlat” played by Derek Ramsay.

Can Kidlat beat the combined powers of Frosta and Fuego? Don’t miss the upcoming episodes of this exciting superserye on TV5 every night at 6:45pm.

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