Winning Films ‘Melodrama Negra’ and ‘Pascalina’ to End the 2012 Cinema One Originals Film Festival

Audience Choice Award winner “Melodrama Negra” and Best Picture winner “Pascalina” will have a special screening on Sunday (December 9) at the Robinson’s Galleria Movie World Cinema 4.

Maria Isabel Legarda’s “Melodrama Negra” will be screened at 6:30 p.m. while Pam Miras’ “Pascalina” will be screened at 9:00 p.m. Both films which were awarded during the 2012 Cinema One Originals Awards Night held recently at the Dolphy Theatre are the directors’ first feature debuts.

“Melodrama Negra” is a black comedy about the dysfunctionality of Filipino families and is based on the Palanca-award winning stage play by Allan Lopez. The urban contemporary tale delves into the lives of Dee and her dead friends Gomez and Lim, blood-hungry sociopath sisters Twinkle and Candy, and wealthy father and son Congressman Ramirez and Rex. “Melodrama Negra” stars Gee Canlas, Jerald Napoles, Bong Cabrera, Sheng Belmonte, Cindy Lopez, Ria Garcia, Cai Cortez, Mara Lopez and Bembol Rocco.

“Pascalina” on the other hand is a psychological journey of a woman presented with elements of horror and deadpan comedy. It tells the story of Pascalina who has received a curse from a dying aunt that will push her to the edge of madness and monstrosity. According to Miras, it is unlike any ‘aswang’ story told in Pinoy cinema. It stars Maria Veronica Santiago, Peewee O’Hara, Cara Eriguel, and Alex Vincent Medina.

Prior to the last day screening of the festival, “Pascalina” can be also seen today (December 7) at 5:00 p.m. at the Robinson’s Galleria Movie World Cinema 4.

Catch more brave, bold and original films featured at the 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival until December 9 at Robinson’s Galleria Movie World. For the complete screening schedule and updates, visit Cinema One’s Facebook fan page at

The 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival is an annual project of the Cinema One, the local movie channel on cable, owned and operated by Creative Programs, Inc (CPI).

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