Cinema One Originals is Now On Its 8th Year

With the tremendous success of all of the past Cinema One Originals Film Festivals, premiere movie cable channel Cinema One is again calling on all interested up and coming and veteran filmmakers and screenplay writers to submit their entries for the 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival.

Cinema One requires: 1) A full narrative feature screenplay and sequence outline. 2) Filmmaker’s updated curriculum vitae or bio data and importantly, his or her filmography. 3) Description of the production team. 4) Signed entry forms. The entry form could be downloaded or printed from its Facebook account. 5) Portfolio of previous works (DVD format). Participants may also call landline 415222 extension 3166.

The deadline of submission of entries will be on January 15, 2012, with cut-off time at 11:59 pm. Any filmmaker or group of filmmakers could submit more than one entry. However, no emailed entries will be accepted, therefore they must be personally submitted to Cinema One office, 8th floor, ELJ Communications Center Building, ABS-CBN Compound, Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City, 1100.

Cinema One Originals is the highly anticipated annual film festival of Cinema One. Since its inception in 2005, Cinema One Originals instantly rose to popularity being a venue that introduces not only new but world class talents in Philippine Cinema. Relatively unknown actors, writers and directors rose to prominence and over the years brought in a new breed of talents whose ideas, specifically storylines are brave, out-of-the-box and diverse.

Films like Yanggaw, Rome and Juliet, Dose, Imburnal, Huling Balyang ng Buhi, Damgo ni Eleuteria Kirschbaum, Ka Oryang, Six Degress of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay won acclaims and awards. They were also exhibited or competed in various film festivals abroad.

This encourages even more Filipinos to tell their stories via the silver screen for the world to watch. Seven (7) winning entries this year will be given a budget of P1-million pesos to produce the film. And the three (3) most commercial and distributable film concepts and screenplays will be given P2 million each for their movie productions.

The Cinema One Originals, now on its 8th year is an annual project of the Cinema One movie channel. Cinema One is under the Creative Programs Incorporated (CPI). For more information, log on to

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