Miss Earth 2012 – The Top 8 Performers (Final Scoresheet)

After 16 challenges, Miss Turkey emerged as the top performer among 80 Miss Earth 2012 candidates. Will she eventually win the crown during the coronation night on November 24?

Miss Turkey İlknur Melis Durası pulled ahead of the pack after all medals have been handed out from a total of 16 challenges in the ongoing Miss Earth 2012.

If she can hurdle the final question and answer come coronation night, assuming that she makes it to the Final 4, then she will become the first Turk to win Miss Earth.

(As of November 22, 2012)

1. Turkey – 98 pts.

2. South Africa – 94 pts.

3. Puerto Rico – 88 pts.
Thailand – 88 pts.

4. Germany – 86 pts.

5. Wales – 84 pts.

6. Venezuela – 82 pts.

7. Belgium – 80 pts.
Malaysia – 80 pts.

8. Argentina – 78 pts.
Fiji – 78 pts.
Norway – 78 pts.
Paraguay – 78 pts.

Point system:

GOLD = 10 points
SILVER = 8 points
BRONZE = 6 points
AVERAGE = 4 points


A: Most Popular (Walk with ME Luneta)
B: Best Artist (Mural Painting)
C: Best Teacher (School Tour)
D: Darling of the Press (Press Presentation)
E: Most Active Participant (Environmental Seminar)
F: Most Sociable
G: Green Bag Challenge (Mall of Asia)
H: Most Charming (Walk with ME Mall of Asia)
I: Fastest Learner (Liter of Light)
J: Trivia Challenge
K: Eco Ambassadress
L: Resorts Wear Competition
M: Swimsuit Competition
N: Talent Competition
O: Most Fun Beauty
P: Photogenic Voting

For the complete scoresheet, click HERE.

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