Regine Velasquez-Alcasid Shares the Secret to Baby Nate’s Happy Mornings

Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid revealed to media moms the secret to Baby Nate's uninterrupted good night's sleep--the new and improved Pampers Comfort--during the Pampers Slumber Party on Thursday night, November 22, at the Pen Suite of Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati.

Warm milk, check. Bath, check. Diaper, check. Lullaby, check. Right before bedtime, moms are confident that they did everything to prepare their baby for a good night’s sleep — until they hear crying in the middle of the night. Moms go through their checklist again: is he hungry or sick? Are there any leaks outside the diaper? But if they still can’t figure out the cause of their baby’s discomfort, it might be because they are not checking his diaper properly. Although a diaper may seem dry outside, it might already be wet inside, making baby feel uncomfortable at night.

During the slumber party hosted by Issa Litton with media moms and their babies on Thursday night, Pampers introduced the new and improved Pampers Comfort that helps ensure uninterrupted sleep. It provides superior overnight dryness so that baby is comfortable throughout the night. Its unique 4 layers + magical gel effectively absorb wetness to ensure dryness not just outside but inside as well.

With the help of Pampers Scientist Qilei Lim, moms saw for themselves how new and improved Pampers Comfort provides better dryness through a live demonstration versus another diaper available in the market. With just 1 Pampers, baby feels dry all night which helps him sleep soundly and wake up happy the next morning.

Moms also got to chat with Dr. Maria Imelda Consunji Vinzon-Bautista, Director of Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health, St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City. “More than just the baby’s mood, uninterrupted sleep is important to baby’s development. The quality of baby’s sleep is affected if he feels discomfort due to a wet diaper,” says Dr. Bautista. She also adds that, “Wetness in the diaper may compromise baby’s skin making baby more prone to irritants and infection.” By checking that the diaper is dry outside and inside, moms help keep their babies not only happy but healthy too!

New mom – the Asia’s Songbird and Pampers mom – Regine Velasquez-Alcasid knows this all too well as she shared her own Pampers experience with her baby Nate. “When he cries at night, I check up on him. The first thing I used to do was check if there are leaks outside the diaper so that I know if it needs changing. Yun pala, that isn’t enough! I didn’t realize that diapers may still feel dry from the outside, but it might be already wet inside. Now, I only trust Pampers Comfort because it keeps him dry and comfortable, helping him sleep soundly throughout the night,” says Regine. She invited other moms to discover for themselves superior overnight dryness by Pampers. Guests of the Slumber Party were all given Pampers Comfort so they can experience for themselves the superior dryness that it will provide to their babies every night resulting to uninterrupted sleep, thus they will also wake up with happy mornings like Baby Nate.

Like Regine and Pampers’ Slumber Party guests, it is time other moms also put an end to their baby feeling wet and uncomfortable at night. New and improved Pampers Comfort provides superior overnight dryness both outside and inside the diaper to help ensure uninterrupted sleep and happy mornings.

New and improved Pampers Comfort is available nationwide at L and XL sizes.

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