50+ Int’l Beauty Experts Believe RP Bet Will Win Miss Earth 2009

Globalbeauties is conducting a survey among beauty experts around the world on who they think will win Miss Earth 2009 and Miss Philippines is currently on top of their list.

Miss Philippines Sandra Seifert is currently at no. 1 position in Globalbeauties’ Beauty Tree for Miss Earth 2009. Also making it to the top of the leaderboard are Spain, USA, Czech Republic, Cuba and Venezuela.

We opened a poll yesterday with the proposition: Do You Think RP Bet Sandra Seifert Will Win Miss Earth 2009?

Here’s the final result after one day:

Here are some note-worthy comments from our readers:

“…Sandra will bring us the crown again. It’s not the fact that the pageant is held in the Phil that will make her win, but because she truly deserves it.”Gly28

“I do believe she deserve the crown if carla make it how much more sandra right?”Joven

“Kakahiya naman kung pinas uli ang manalo jan, kasi nga dito ginanap. Ok sana kung sa ibang bansa ginanap, tapos nakuha niya ung mga major awards na ganyan, I’m sure lahat ng pinoy kahit san man banda sa buong mundo, eh proud sa kanya, pero sa ganitong sitwasyon, bias ang tingin ko eh. senxia na po, nagpapaka-totoo lang”Freelancer

“If she will pull out everything what she has in the interview portion, then that would be the parameter of her placement since Miss Earth puts bearing on the wit and intelligence. I believe she’ll do it.”Jingdiv

“sana hindi para di tau mukhang gaya2 sa Miss U”Anonymous

76% of our respondents believe Sandra deserves the crown if ever she win Miss Earth 2009 this Sunday. If you’re able to see her in person during the evening gown competition, you will get mesmerized by her presence. And then she started talking, connecting the gown that she is wearing to waste segregation system, you knew instantly that this girl is a winner.

But there’s an issue arising if ever Sandra wins Miss Earth 2009. She will be the 3rd “practically pinay” winner in 3 consecutive years. 2007 winner is Half-Pinay Miss Canada. 2008 is Karla Henry, the Philippine candidate. Not to mention that the pageant is produced by Filipinos and currently being held here in the Philippines.

I personally believe if Sandra wins, it will surely hurt the pageant’s reputation. If 10 contestants withdrew this year, next year it could be more than 10 if that happens. So do you think it’s best for the pageant if they will NOT let Sandra win this Sunday even though she deserves the crown?

We will now begin with our second proposition:

The organizers should NOT let Sandra Seifert win Miss Earth 2009. Do you agree or disagree?

This poll will be open ’til Saturday night.

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