Miss Earth 2014 – Meet the Official Candidates

85 lovely ladies from around the world are now in Manila vying for the 14th Miss Earth Title.

Photography by Allan Sancon

3 Comments on Miss Earth 2014 – Meet the Official Candidates

  1. Everybody can see in our naked eye,that its quite obvious,the winner of this 2014 Miss Earth is no other than Miss Austria Valerie Huber…her Aura is so gigantish and world class beauty,speak fluently in English,so we have to make a point and decide now alll judges,the winner is Miss Austria.

  2. I think Miss Austria should win the Miss Earth 2014, she has everything,and World Class beauty.

  3. The Miss Earth 2014 should be Miss Austria,shes world class in all her ways,photogenic,alluring,intilligent and very fluent in English.Besides the Austrian government will give more ways to all Filipino workers especially Nurses in government Hospitals in Austria. So lets give way to Miss Austria as the new Miss Earth for 2014. 2015 will be held in Schonbrunn or in Austria Center by August 2015……So all Filipinos get out and vote for Miss Austria,hurrahh.

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