Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino Topbill ‘Yesterday’s Bride’ (Teaser)

Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino reunite in the upcoming afternoon soap on GMA-7, "Yesterday's Bride."

Lovi and Rocco first teamed-up in the mini-series “Mistaken Identity” that aired August and September last year before “Eat Bulaga!” Now they will reunite in the project formerly titled “The Borrowed Wife.”

In Yesterday’s Wife, Lovi will play the title role while Rocco will be her leading man. It follows the story of a woman who figured in an accident on her way to her wedding. After months in coma, she will miraculously rise up to claim what’s hers.

Directed by Gil Tejada, Jr., “Yesterday’s Wife” is set to premiere this October on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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