Former PBB Housemates Slater and Divine Join Kuya Kim on an Ocean Adventure

If most people say that love is in the air, Kim Atienza says there is love in and out of the water.

This Sunday (Sep 23) on “Matanglawin,” Kuya Kim bonds with lovable seals and explores the world underwater with ex-PBB housemates Slater Young and Divine Smith.

Join the country’s Trivia King as he meets “talented” seals that not only walk on their hind flippers, but also balance balls on their noses and even play fetch. But how do they start out with these tricks? For seal training 101, Divine and Slater take center stage and bond with their new friends.

The ocean adventure wouldn’t be complete without an element of danger, which is why Kuya Kim will descend into the waters to feed the sharks. Don’t miss “Matanglawin,” this Sunday (Sep 23), 9:15 AM on ABS-CBN.

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