‘Equator Man’ Hits Philippine TV on September 10

The most thrilling Korean drama of 2012, "Equator Man," is set to premiere on Philippine TV. Battle for truth and love begins September 10, Monday, on ABS-CBN.

They started as best friends and ended up as mortal enemies in life and in love. As they go face-to-face in a long overdue battle for truth, who will win and who will lose?

Beginning this Monday (Sep 10), ABS-CBN premieres another intense story about a man looking for the light of justice amidst his blindness in 2012’s most thrilling Korean drama “Equator Man.”

Follow the story of Samuel and Jeric, two different individuals who will form a bond of friendship despite their differences— Samuel is the strong, laid back one, while Jeric is the smart and anti-social. The two will unexpectedly get along and become the best of friends. Their friendship, however, will be challenged and destroyed by fate.

Due to compromising circumstances, Jeric’s father accidentally kills Samuel’s guardian. The incident will lead to an altercation between the two unknowing friends, where Jeric ends up hitting Samuel in the head. Jeric then disposes of Samuel’s body by pushing it over a cliff, but the latter managed to survive.

Samuel wakes from unconsciousness only to find out he has lost his sight. He continues his mission to seek justice for his father with the help of Gian, a volunteer reader for visually impaired people who will offer to help him and serve as his eyes.

Fate draws Samuel and Jeric together once more as Jeric carries on his personal mission to hide the truth from a former friend and fights for Gian, the woman he has loved ever since.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Equator Man” this Monday (Sep 10), 4:15 PM, after “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo” on ABS-CBN.

Watch the full tagalized trailer of “Equator Man” here:

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