‘Equator Man’ on ABS-CBN (Full Trailer)

The top-rating Korean action-drama "Equator Man" is now on ABS-CBN. Check out the full trailer (tagalized)!

Equator Man is a hit action-drama series from KBS. It stars Uhm Tae-Woong (Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, Queen Seondeok) and Lee Joon-Hyuk (I Am Legend, City Hunter). Also in the series are Lee Hyun-Woo (To The Beautiful You) and Siwan of the K-Pop group ZE:A.

“Equator Man” has an interesting premise. It follows the story of a man who went to coma after being betrayed and beaten by his bestfriend. After waking up from coma of 13 years, he embarks on a quest to the find the reason of his father’s death and take revenge to the all the people who wronged him.

Watch the full tagalized trailer of “Equator Man” here:

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