‘The Healing’ Grosses P74.4-M in 2 Weeks According to Box Office Mojo

The Chito Roño horror flick "The Healing" starring the Star for All Seasons--Vilma Santos--has raked in P74.4 million in two weeks according to a report by third party tabulator, Box Office Mojo.

In contrast to Star Cinema’s report last August 1, 2012 saying that their horror movie “The Healing” has grossed P80 million in seven days (1 week), Box Office Mojo posted a different result. According to the US-based movie website, “The Healing” has accumulated only P74.4 million in two weeks.

According to the last press release by Star Cinema, the “The Healing” which had an P80-million haul on its 1st week, opened in 145 theaters nationwide last July 25. Box Office Mojo, however, has no report on the box-office gross of “The Healing” for their July 25–29, 2012 report. Instead, no. 1 in their report was “The Dark Knight Rises” with a weekend haul of P56.24-M in 226 movie screens.

Furthermore, in their August 1-5 tally, BOM reported that “The Healing” has grossed P74.4 million in 2 weeks. They indicated that the Pinoy movie is currently being screened in 90 theaters.

Usually the discrepancies between the reports by Box Office Mojo and the film outfits like Star Cinema, Regal Films, etc. are minimal. But this time the difference is quite big and confusing.

Here’s the Philippine box office tally (Top 7) for the opening period of August 1 to 5, 2012 according to Box Office Mojo (premiering movies are highlighted in yellow):

TW LW Movie Weekend Gross Gross-to-Date Week
1 N Brave P36.1-M P36.1-M 1
2 N Step Up Revolution P25.7-M P25.7-M 1
3 The Healing P22.9-M P74.4-M 2
4 1 The Dark Knight Rises P22.3-M P208.62-M 3
5 2 The Dictator P6.38-M P22.2-M 2
6 3 Ice Age Continental Drift P2.82-M P92.21-M 4
7 4 The Amazing Spider-Man P1.26-M P341.4-M 6

(As of August 7, 2012)

1. Marvel’s The Avengers – P641.1-M
2. The Amazing Spider-Man – P341.4-M
3. The Dark Knight Rises – P208.62-M
4. UnOfficially Yours – P157.25-M
5. Wrath of the Titans – P145.94-M
6. The Hunger Games – P140-M
7. Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme – P133-33-M
8. Men in Black 3 – P132.67-M
9. Battleship – P122.59-M
10. Snow White and the Huntsman – P121-M

(As of August 7, 2012)

1. UnOfficially Yours – P157.25-M
2. Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme – P133.33-M
3. The Healing – P74.4-M *
4. Moron 5 and the Crying Lady – P64.6-M
5. Born to Love You – P52.37-M
6. Corazon Ang Unang Aswang – P51.39-M
7. Every Breath U Take – P50.2-M
8. The Mommy Returns – P30.6-M
9. Boy Pick-Up: The Movie – P25.37-M
10. A Mother’s Story – P24.81-M
11. My Cactus Heart – P23-M
12. My Kontrabida Girl – P13.1-M
13. The Witness – P8.6-M
14. Hitman -P4.96-M

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