Eula Caballero Topbills TV5’s Supernatural Series ‘Third Eye’

Starting July 29, TV5’s Sunday primetime gets shaken-up with the premiere of Third Eye, a new supernatural mystery drama starring the network's home-grown talent Eula Caballero.

The series boasts of an impressive cast headlined by some of the country’s most respected actors, including Grand Slam Actress Lorna Tolentino and award-winning actor Eddie Garcia.

In her first starring role, TV5 Princess Eula Cabaellero plays Cassandra, a young girl investigating the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend. In her quest to find and save him, she discovers her ability to see creatures of different realm.

Set in the gritty and edgy backdrop of Manila, the series take a thrilling look at the world of malignos and engkantos as they roam and wreck havoc in the city.

Helmed by acclaimed directors Toppel Lee, Rober Quebral, Benedict Mique and Rahyan Carlos, Third Eye’s hour-long episodes introduce creatures inspired by the rich stories of Philippine folklore, mythology and pop culture.

Daniel Matsunaga, Victor Silayan, Clint Gabo and Jenny Miller round up the stellar cast.

Follow Cassandra in her exciting adventures as she discovers what lurks in the darkness.

Don’t miss the premiere of Third Eye on July 29, Sunday at 9:30 PM.


Watch the trailer of “Third Eye” here:

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