Eula Caballero Ignites Chemistry with Dan Marsh in TV5’s ‘One of the Boys’

TV5’s Eula Caballero and half-Pinoy, half-Irish hunk Dan Marsh of Juan Direction are both set to finally give the viewers their weekly dose of kilig moments in TV5’s newest primetime sitcom “One of the Boys”, which airs every Saturday at 8:15pm.


“One of the Boys” follows the story of Gabi Silang (Eula Caballero), a girl with tomboyish mannerisms and a strong personality that comes from being the only ‘rose’ among the company of boys. As the eldest child and only daughter to her former OFW father, Daddy Jerry ‘DJ’ Silang (played by veteran actor and comedian Joey de Leon), Gabi decided to help her family in the best possible way she could think of—by being a cab driver using their very old, family-owned taxi cab.

However, despite being ‘one of the boys’, Gabi’s charm and beauty are still undeniable, which ultimately yields to interesting complications with some of the boys around her, most especially with the dashing Dan Lennon (Dan Marsh), who is the leader of the four, spoiled Brinoys (half-British, half-Pinoys).

What initially starts out as a funny and crazy cat-and-mouse relationship between the two, right from the moment they cross paths, will eventually blossom into a light, romantic-comedy that will prove that opposites really do attract—with Gabi being an obedient daughter who comes from a simple background, and Dan who comes from a rich family and was sent to the Philippines to be disciplined for his spoiled and bratty lifestyle.

JoAnn Bañaga, Production Unit Head of “One of the Boys”, shares, “The chemistry of these two young TV5 talents was unexpected, but it was not completely surprising. For one, both Eula and Dan grew up in Cebu, and we would often hear them speak bisaya on the set. In fact, Eula helps Dan with acting and with his Tagalog too! Another thing is that they have the same energetic and hyper personality, which really translates well in front of the camera.”

“One of the Boys” now shows the bickering ‘frenemies’ Gabi and Dan finding themselves at that awkward stage of slowly becoming friends. And very soon, viewers will definitely find themselves captivated as realizations of romantic feelings between the tomboyish-acting but undeniably charming Gabi and the spoiled Brinoy hunk Dan take its course in the sitcom.

Don’t miss these certified kilig and funny moments in “One of the Boys” every Saturday at 8:15pm, only on TV5!

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