Say ‘Luv U’ to Your Moms this Mother’s Day

Love is overflowing this May because after a week’s wait, it will be Mother’s Day.

But remember, expressing our love and thanks to our mothers must be done all the time and not simply during this month.

However, it’s not love for mothers alone that is shared by our “LUV U” barkada as they have been expressing strong feelings for each other, especially on this week’s “LUV U” episode.

Lola Paula (Joy Viado) will accidentally catch Boom (CJ) and April (Angeli) kissing and she will say painful words that she doesn’t really mean. This incident will cause April to run away with Boom to Baguio.

With Mang Ariel’s help, Camille (Miles), Whitney (Kiray), JB (Marco) and Rocky (Igi Boy) will manage to follow them on board the van of Principal Spencer. The hurry makes Mang Ariel forget that Principal Spencer is asleep at the back of the van.

The barkada manages to find the whereabouts of April together with Lola Paula at the Baguio Country Club.

How will Boom and April face their friends and Lola Paula’s surprise visit? Will they be able to reconcile before Mother’s Day?

Find out at “LUV U” this Sunday after “ASAP 2012” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, follow @LUVUBarkada on Twitter, or like the show’s official Facebook page:

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