Is It Goodbye for the Boys and Girls of ‘Luv U’?

The gang of the teen series “LUV U” will experience tension and tears in this Sunday’s episode. Is the show coming to an end?

Goodbye Luv U

Camille (Miles Ocampo), April (Angeli Gonzalez) and Whitney (Kiray Celis) receive orders from their parents to fly to Singapore (for college studies) a week earlier than expected, sending the girls into panic mode. To keep the situation from escalating, they decide to keep their real departure schedule from JB (Marco Gumabao), Boom (CJ Navato) and Rocky (Igi Boy Flores). How will the boys react when the girls’ secret is revealed? Will they be able to accept Camille, April and Whitney’s sudden farewell? The answers in “LUV U” this Sunday, June 2, on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18.”

2 Comments on Is It Goodbye for the Boys and Girls of ‘Luv U’?

  1. Next week, new cast, new season… (?)

  2. exciting

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