Pinoy Big Brother Reveals New Teen Housemates

The first nine teen housemates of “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4” were finally revealed Sunday night (April 8) at the program’s disco-themed kick-off tso celebrate the ‘70s decade when Big Brother was a teenager.

Entering the lavish retro-designed PBB house were Tom, the “Bukid Prince of Davao” who grew up in a rich hacienda-owning family but humbly partakes in farm chores and…

Roy, the “Boy Sipag of Naga” who comes from a broken family and has worked as a garbage boy, construction worker and welder to provide for his siblings.

There is Ryan, the “Pilyong Binatilyo of Angeles,” a happy-go-lucky aspiring football player…

Yves, the “Masunuring Son of Tarlac” who comes home early to reach his 7 p.m. curfew, and…

Alec, the “Chinito Gwapito of Laguna,” a pharmacy student and heartthrob swho has joined numerous provincial and school beauty pageants.

Joining them are Vince, the “Bunsoy Tisoy of Rizal,” an honor student who was raised by his grandmother and aunt, and…

Kit, the “Kid Tangkad of Pampanga,” a six-footer and a self-confessed former playboy.

Before last Sunday’s “PBB Teen Edition 4: The Fun-tastic Kick-off,” female identical twins Joj and Jai, the “Double Biba of Bacolod” already entered the PBB house and were immediately given an order by Big Brother that only one of them should be recognized as female by their fellow housemates. Will the bubbly sisters breeze through their first challenge?

The first nine who already moved in were ordered to put on special goggles when mingling with each other. Who among them will hit it off?

The disco-inspired opening, which featured performances by the “PBB Unlimited” Big Four and ex-housemates and the “Angelito: Batang Ama” cast, invaded the micro-blogging site Twitter, with the hashtag #PBBTeens4 topping the local trending topics, followed by the teen housemates names and monikers including Tom, Alec, Yves, Joj and Jai, Vince, Chinito Gwapito, and Bukid Prince. The hosts also made online buzz as Bianca Gonzalez trended worldwide and Robi Domingo in the Philippines.

Get to know more about the housemates in “PBB Teen Edition 4” with Toni Gonzaga after “Dahil sa Pag-ibig” in Primetime Bida and “PBB Teen Edition 4 Uber 2012” hosted by Bianca, Robi, and John Prats after “Angelito: Batang Ama” in Kapamilya Gold, and “PBB Teen Edition 4 Updates” with Robi during “Angelito: Batang Ama” and “E-boy” on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, follow @OfficialPBB4 on Twitter and like

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