Cathy Remperas is Evicted from Pinoy Big Brother

Charming Babe ng Bohol, Cathy Remperas, is the latest housemate to get the boot in Pinoy Big Brother Double UP.

During the live eviction night, the housemates thought they were the one who voted out someone among them for eviction. Here’s the result of their fake eviction tally:

However, the power to evict a housemate was still in the hands of the televiewers. The official and final tally of vote to evict and vote to save are as follows:

Melissa received the highest percentage of vote to save among the five nominees. She got +33.46% while Cathy finished second with +13.54% Mariel got the lowest vote to save percentage, just +1.98% among the 5 nominees.

In the vote to evict category, it was Cathy who received the highest percentage of -23.94% followed by Hermes with -13.19% The lowest among the 5 nominees was Melissa with only -1.60%

After the votes to evict and vote to save scores were combined, it was declared that the televiewers picked Cathy Remperas to get the boot.

More updates to follow.

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