Vhong Navarro Reveals His ‘Pogi’ Secrets to ‘Us Girls’

Vhong Navarro isn’t as hunky as the Piolo Pascuals and Sam Milbys of the world but he definitely isn't called “Mr. Suave” for nothing.

Find out why the wacky actor and TV host is tops for girls when it comes to “pogi points” this Thursday (July 14) in “Us Girls.”

Boys and girls alike should watch this episode as TV’s Fab Three Iya Villania, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, and Angel Aquino try to decode the guys, including “Showtime” host and “Kanto Boy” Vhong.

What do men want to say and what do girls want it men are just two questions that will be answered this week. Let Vhong tell us what guys really mean when they send you gifts and flowers, text you all day, or wait for you in your office or school.

Iya, Chesca, and Angel, meanwhile, will share to the boys what girls look for in men, both inside and out. Learn the different charms and looks that will suit you and get you “pogi points” from the girls.

More secrets will be revealed so stay tuned to the country’s fashion and lifestyle magazine show authority, “Us Girls,” on a special time this Thursday (July 14) at 7pm on Studio23.

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