Legacy of Unbeatable Kapamilya Comedy Returns via ‘Toda Max’

ABS-CBN will once again prove its supremacy in producing the country’s best comedy programs, as it presents the latest addition to its distinct and unbeatable Kapamilya Comedy.

The premiere of “TODA MAX,” starring Philippines’ hailed “Idol” Robin Padilla, Prince of Comedy Vhong Navarro and Pokwang, marks the much-awaited comeback of classic sitcom which Kapamilya Comedy pioneered.

Robin, the leading man of Kapamilya network’s hit primetime series “Guns and Roses,” expressed his enthusiasm to work with his friend Vhong. In fact, Robin admitted that he specifically requested for Vhong to be casted in the show. “I had my talent fee decreased just to be with him!,” he jokingly said.

Vhong is also excited, as he will once again be reunited with Robin. After their last television tandem in a sitcom in the ‘90s, which paved way to the success of Vhong’s career in the showbiz industry as Robin’s sidekick, the two Kapamilya stars will be working together again in an exciting and refreshing comedy show that will showcase action and light drama simultaneously.

“It’s been a long time, and we really miss working with each other. Also, doing a sitcom somehow reinvents me. I’m now so used to soap operas and variety shows. It’s refreshing to be back in a sitcom. Kapamilya comedy will make a grand comeback via this show,” Vhong shared.

Together with “Happy Yipee Yehey!” host, Pokwang, “TODA MAX” will be crazy, packed with funny antics yet values-enriched.

“TODA MAX” trails the story of a hillbilly named Tol (Robin) whose journey begins when his wife died and decided to take on a new path in Manila. Together with his two children Sandy and Ron-Ron, Tol finds himself living with his cousin Justin Bibbo (Vhong). Justin is an aspiring chef who dreams to become well-known, despite his poverty-ridden life as a carinderia owner.

Regardless of their opposite characters—Tol being firm, serious and brave and Justin is funny, playful and organized—they both did not let challenges interfere and struggle to help each other in raising Sandy and Ron-ron in an unconventional family setting.

Pokwang’s role as Lady G, a poor girl turned-millionaire, on the other hand, will challenge Justin’s life but will soon change, as she meets Tol and became attracted to him.

“TODA MAX” is a light and funny family oriented show that will surely make the viewers laugh their hearts out. Follow the story of Tol and Justin and how they will handle the different trials in life.

“Our exciting laugh trip is all set. So, I’m inviting everyone to catch the comeback of family-oriented sitcom on TV. You’ll really learn a lot from it,” Robin said.

Also starring in the sitcom are Izzy Canillo, Aaliyah Benisano, Jobert Austria, and Darwin Tolentino. “TODA MAX” is under the business unit of Raymund Dizon, together with production manager Cynthia Jordan, creative manager Rhandy Reyes and executive producer Rocky Ubana.

Catch “TODA MAX” beginning November 5, Saturday, before “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN.


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