A Circus Act Gone Wrong on ‘I Survived’

Elona was born into a family of circus performers – from her ancestors down to her parents circus performance has been their source of livelihood. It was but natural then for Elona to be exposed early to such work and she has easily embraced circus life as her childhood playground.

But what started out as mere part of her playtime soon evolved into a source of livelihood for Elona as well. She stopped attending school after finishing second year high school and became a full-time circus performer/acrobat/contortionist. Her specialty was crossing a wire from end to end.

She has always been aware that her chosen line of work comes with many hazards, yet it never occurred to her that her source of livelihood could one day bring her in the brink of death.

Last July 2010, Elona got involved in a critical and heart-stopping accident while rehearsing their famous stunt of crossing a wire placed 20 feet high. Elona was set to cross to the other end of the wire while riding a bicycle when a co-performer lost her balance and fell off. Elona lost control and she too fell down hard to the ground.

What happened to Elona after the precarious fall from a 20-feet high wire? How did she manage to betray death? Did she still remain true to the mantra of her chosen ‘profession’ – that “the show must go on?”

Watch the action-filled world of Elona as it rolls on “I Survived” this Thursday (Sep 9) with Ces Oreña-Drilon after Bandila on ABS-CBN.

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