‘I Survived’ Features a Woman’s Battle with Evil Spirits

Tonight on I Survived, Ces Drilon documents the story of a woman possessed by evil spirits.

Irmina India-Delos Santos has persistently encountered chilling experiences since she was a child. This Thursday (Oct 29) on the Halloween Special of “I Survived,” let us hear the creepy story of how some elemental beings almost destroyed Irmina’s life.

When Irmina was in high school she was often possessed by the bad spirits that her eye catches because of her psychic ability. She would start to feel weak and would collapse. It stopped for a while and went back to her in college in 1998.

According to Irma, her possession this time was the worst as she was forced to stop studying because it was difficult for her to stand up from bed for a month. She also became violent, spoke in different tongues and would often lose control of herself.

Hear the rest of her shocking evil encounters and how she recovered from the traumatic pages of her life on “I Survived Halloween Special” this Thursday (Oct 29) right after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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