Darna Mania Continues

The fever brought about by today's number one primetime program, Darna, continues as viewers remain glued on television every night to catch the breathtaking adventures of the classic Pinay superhero.

The original Mars Ravelo comics classic, has been soaring heights since its premiere. The viewers’ interest in Darna’s electrifying story has been translated into high TV ratings.

Based on data from AGB Nielsen Philippines, Darna posted an average household rating of 35.1% from September 1 to October 16 in Mega Manila while its competition logged an average of 26.9% for the same period.

Darna’s success is not only due to its powerhouse cast led by Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, multi-awarded actor-director Eddie Garcia, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Iwa Moto and others, but also because the action-packed and emotionally-gripping scenes have appealed to viewers of all ages.

In the story, Darna has overpowered the supervillains who wrecked havoc in their town – Babaeng Impakta (Nadine Samonte), Babaeng Lawin (Ehra Madrigal) and Babaeng Tuod (Francine Prieto).

It can be recalled that Darna was about to kill the evil Impi (Mura) when the latter’s twin sister Roma a.k.a. Babaeng Impakta jumped from the church tower to end her life. Roma’s body was buried but Impi’s was seized by Dr. Morgan (Ricky Davao) for experimentation.

Then, Armida a.k.a Babaeng Lawin arrived and attacked people. She wanted to get even with her brother, Father Mateo (Eddie Garcia), the town’s parish priest. During her fight with Darna, Babaeng Lawin accidentally hit herself with her own feather blades. But instead of expressing gratitude for once again saving the town, Darna was condemned by Father Mateo and his supporters for killing Babaeng Lawin. This caused the young superheroine to feel reluctant in her mission to save the world.

But when Babaeng Tuod (Francine Prieto) came in to sow terror and asked for Darna, Narda decided to save the world again. To destroy the giant driftwood, Darna set Babaeng Tuod on fire and threw her in a volcano.

Unknown to Darna, Babaeng Tuod did not die, but rather changed to her human form named Lucifera. She went to the orphanage where Narda lives. Impi, meanwhile, managed to escape the laboratory and went back to the orphanage to kill Narda.

More thrilling action and suspense await viewers in the coming episodes because more than the supervillains, Darna will be facing Kobra (Paolo Contis) and his evil children – Valentina (Iwa Moto), Serpentina (Sabrina Man) and Zandro (also played by Paolo Contis).

Darna airs weeknights after 24 Oras on GMA Telebabad.

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