ASAP XV ‘Idol’ (August 29, 2010) Episode Opening Number

Check out ASAP XV's opening number today, August 29, dubbed as the "Idol" episode.

Watch the video here:

3 Comments on ASAP XV ‘Idol’ (August 29, 2010) Episode Opening Number

  1. ganda talaga ng production basta asap xv!

  2. i so agree with you buj.. duh. epal lang yan. jealous is the right word lol

  3. I think the concept about 1dol was planned ahead before the appearance of Glee.just bec. kailangan pang ayusin ang sched n ms Sarah G..So , walang gaya-gaya n nagaganap….I suppose iba nman ang glee s idol noh?pareho lng n musical pero the rest iba na oi,,,

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