Momay’s Life on Earth, Numbered!

Momay’s (Xyriel Manabat) time on earth is nearly over...

And now that her life on earth entirely depends on the flower of life (Bulaklak ng Buhay), the big question is, will she be able to change Justin’s (Ejay Falcon) life before her time runs out?

Lorna Tolentino’s comeback in the mentioned primetime series moved the viewers to cry especially the scene where Xyriel tightly embraced Lorna as she burst into tears. In the next episodes of Momay, expect more twist-filled scenes as the little ghost girl continues to accomplish her goal before the flower of life dries up. With the remaining span of her life, Momay is still determined to find a person that will take care of his brother.

On the other hand, Momay continues to trail her mother, Shirley (Ms. Lorna Tolentino). Will she succeed this time? Will she ever find her mother before she leaves the earth?

Watch how she will withstand the hands of time as she finishes her mission and face every dilemma that hinders her way. Catch more of these episodes weeknights after TV Patrol World on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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