StarStruck’s Sarah, Steven, Diva & Enzo in ‘Lovebug: Exchange of Hearts’

StarStruck V alums Sarah Lahbati, Steven Silva, Diva Montelaba and Enzo Pineda will star in the next "Lovebug" episode on GMA.

Sarah Lahbati and Diva Montelaba will be paired with co-StarStruck finalists Steven Silva and Enzo Pineda, in one way or another, on GMA-7’s Sunday romance offering, Lovebug.

Their episode entitled “Exchange of Hearts” was shot entirely in the scenic island of Camiguin–following the program’s tradition of picking locations outside Manila just like past episodes “The Last Romance” (Hong Kong) starring Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo, and “Wish Come True” (Singapore) starring Kris Bernal and Daniel Matsunaga.

The pristine beauty of Camiguin caught the fascination of the production team according to program manager Hazel Abonita. They were after all looking for a location that would perfectly complement the plot of young vacationers finding love while on holiday.

Here is the plot of Lovebug: Exchange of Hearts:

Rachel (Sarah) and Tim (Steven) are childhood friends with their respective parents hoping that a romantic relationship would blossom between the two. In reality, however, Rachel is committed to Emil (Enzo) while Tim has Barbie (Diva) as his girlfriend. Rachel’s mother then conspires with Tim’s mother to set up the two by sending them to Camiguin for a vacation. At first, Rachel and Tim would always argue but the more they spend time together, the more Tim falls in love with Rachel. Meanwhile, Barbie and Emil pursue their respective loves around Camiguin. Barbie and Emil eventually find themselves falling for each other. Soon, the four finally meet: Rachel is now in love with Tim and Barbie falls for Emil. Will they be ready to embrace a new love? Will the four find fulfillment in the arms of their accidental partners? What happens now that they have already new loves? Will they choose to be with the one they really love or settle instead with the person they’re now with?

Catch the newest offering of Lovebug titled “Exchange of Hearts” beginning this Sunday afternoon, July 18, on GMA-7.

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