Studio 23 Premieres ‘Flash Forward’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

What if you were shown a glimpse of your future but didn’t like what you saw? What would you do to keep it from coming true?

Seven billion people blacked out for two minutes and 17 seconds at exactly the same time and saw their fates unfold right in front of their very eyes. Watch this cataclysmic global event occur on Philippine television this Thursday (July 22) as Studio 23 premieres the talked about sci-fi series “Flash Forward” at 7:15 PM right after “The Wrap.”

From the makers of hit series “Lost,” “Flash Forward” follows the life of LA FBI Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) after the bizarre phenomenon happened and how he tries to figure out why and how to stop it from coming.

It’s a future Mark doesn’t really want to see because in his vision, he saw himself being hunted down by masked operatives, his loyal partner being murdered, and his beloved wife leaving him for another man. The only clue he has is the date when all his flash forward occurred—April 29, 2010.

Can he put the pieces together just in time? Will he be able to change his fate?

As Mark and his team figure out the truth behind the perplexing incident, the Office of Special Projects of the NCIS in Los Angeles also tries to apprehend dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to national security. Join Agent “G” Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and his team in the police procedural series “NCIS: Los Angeles” premiering Tuesday (July 20) at 7:15 PM.

By assuming different identities and utilizing the most advanced technologies, this elite team of highly trained agents goes undercover and puts their lives on the line to bring down their targets. For their first case, they must unravel the mysteries behind the murder of a US marine.

Meanwhile, the country’s premier lifestyle magazine show “Us Girls” will hail the most fashionable, highly-stylish, most beautiful and glamorous faces and personalities in the local scene once again at the “Us Girls August Awards 2010” on 19 August 2010, at the Club LAX at the Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City.

Viewers can take part in determining who deserves to take home the honors by voting in the online poll at, by posting their choices on Us Girls’ official Facebook Fan Page, by sending their list of favorites at, or through text. Just key in POLL then send to 2366 for Globe, TM and Sun or 231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text.

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