Families Carrying Each Other Through Good and Bad in I-WITNESS’ ‘Pasan-Pasan’

This Monday, after Saksi on GMA Network, I-WITNESS presents “Pasan-Pasan,” a documentary from Sandra Aguinaldo.

Pablito is already 18 years old. Yet he cannot walk, eat, or bathe alone. His bones are brittle; too brittle in fact, that one wrong move would cause them to break. He’s had fractures all over his body.

But whatever pain his broken bones may bring is soothed by the loyalty of his number one champion – his brother Jason. Everyday, Jason lifts Pablito on his back to take him to a school for persons with disabilities. Pablito may have brittle bones, but with Jason’s dedication, he has a strong chance at a decent future. Jason says he has never thought of Pablito as a burden. He will carry him day after day, towards a better life.

Pablito and Jason are only some of the characters in “Pasan-Pasan,” a moving documentary about commitment and no-surrender. Witness how families carry each other through the good and the bad, in a story that will change the way people define the word “burden.”

I-WITNESS airs every Monday, after Saksi, on GMA Network.

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