I-Witness Tackles Black Propaganda this Monday

One week before the election, black propagandas are spreading like wildfire. Sandra Aguinaldo investigates.

Philippine elections are riddled with mudslinging, character assassinations, and white paper distribution. For most campaign strategists, this is just regular fare. Black propaganda, however, is not a simple undertaking. It’s a covert, complicated, and sometimes dangerous operation. This Monday, after Saksi on GMA Network, I-WITNESS explores black propaganda.

A candidate’s sin from the past may resurrect many years later. Half-truths or totally false stories may appear in text blasts. With the advent of new technology, the fine line between what is true and what is bogus is getting thinner and thinner. With the Internet, especially the social networking sites, it’s now easy for people to spread gossip as legitimate news.

This Monday, Sandra Aguinaldo explores the dark and complex business of black propaganda in the Philippines. Clandestine operations are exposed and secrets will be revealed. A week before the elections, viewers can arm themselves with the knowledge they need to help them make an informed choice.

I-WITNESS ‘ Black Propaganda airs this Monday, May 3, after Saksi on GMA Network!

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