‘Kape Para Kay Lean’ on I-Witness this Monday

Kara David discovers how coffee affected the motor skills of 3-year-old Lean Francisco.

Lean Rey Francisco is almost 3 years old, but unlike many kids his age, he cannot play, walk, crawl, nor sit up. His malnourishment is so severe that the simple task of rolling over requires tremendous effort from the child. His grandmother is the only adult taking care of him and his two other siblings in Pasacao, Camarines Sur.

I-WITNESS tells his story this Monday.

Lean has never tasted milk from his mother and instead drank rice coffee for most of his 3 years. In Pasacao, 80% of the children weighed were severely malnourished and all of them are coffee drinkers. Because of poverty, most people in Pasacao believe that coffee is enough to feed a child. But how much nutritional value does coffee really have?
What happened to Lean? Kara David’s search for answers takes her to Bulacan in search of Lean’s mother, then to Manila where medical records show Lean was once a healthy baby. As the child’s history unfolds, Kara discovers how coffee became a great determinant of Lean’s condition.

I-WITNESS airs this Monday, after Saksi, only on GMA Network.

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  1. I hope they will continue to help the poor baby. My son is thesame age and I am very touched. If i was there I will make sure he will get the help he need before it’s too late. If i can, i will adopt him and make him healthy again. what kind of mother is she? does not even check her baby.The baby did not choose to be born it is her responsibility.they depend on you for love,protection and care.Ihope GMA will continue to follow up on him.God bless Lean…

  2. gusto ko po sana malaman if ung milk nya eh continious na,im willing to hel po..dko lang alam papano..sana u can email me about his condition right now and how to help him..tnx

  3. Sinungaling ka KARA DAVID!!! please make a credible report!!! Just imagine 80%? kung alam ko lang na gagawin mong kalunos-lunos ang Bayan ko (Pasacao) sana kinontra na kita habang ginagawa mo ito.
    Gumawa ka ng momo-moro, sarsuela ayon sa kung ano ang gusto mong ilarawan sa Documentary mo..
    Paano mo ba nasabi na 80%. You went to the Center, get the list of malnourished children,, choose a DOZEN ng pinaka- malnourished and choose one that can fill-in the scenario that you want..
    We all know our freedom, but Please Miss Kara David, Never abuse it!!!! BE an assect and not a liability to everyone.
    GMA, please do something about this. See to it that what is aired in ur channel is still credible.. Could you please investigate more about this episode of KARA DAVID.
    or people will lost their trust. I don’t trust News now. Especially if it insinuates Donation.. It’s just a matter on how it is done to make it appealing to viewers.

  4. God sent the I Witness Team to save Baby Lean!
    At first I was so sad and crying, but when i saw the ending, I felt relieved and happy at the same time because they were able to help Baby Lean.
    I hope that people with good heart will continue to help.
    God Bless you guys.
    Thank You so much for helping Baby Lean.

  5. Merlyne Reyes // September 19, 2010 at 7:27 pm //

    actually i did not watch yet the full vidoe of “kape para ky lean” but i watch a little of it,,,,im so helpless and lonely for it…..i dont know wat i need to do to help this poor little angel,,,what happen to him?did anyone did not try to help him and their grandma?i am not rich one but i really really want to help to other people specially in a kids,,,,,pls dont mention or published my name im just trying to comment and release the feeling of my lonely heart…..thank you

  6. I don’t think it’s coffee’s fault that the kid is malnourished. I used to drink coffee when I was like 3 yrs old. I was thin, but once I grew up, so did my body.

    Perhaps, it’s just the beginning. During youth talagang thin mostly ang kids sa atin, tapos pagdating ng puberty, lalaki na yung bata.

  7. what the hell s2pid blog..useless developers i can’t post my comment..stop being bitchy man!

  8. i love i witness…

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