Kim Atienza Survives Animal Attack

While Kuya Kim was doing his usual spiels for the second anniversary episode of his multi-awarded educational program “Matanglawin” this Sunday (April 25) a monitor lizard on the background suddenly bit him on the leg, ripping off his flesh and making him bleed non-stop.

The trivia king was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment and doctors requested him to be confined for observations since lizard bites may contain poison brought about by the accumulated bacteria they get whenever they eat their prey.

In a span of two years, “Matanglawin” earned recognitions from almost all prestigious award-giving bodies such as the Golden Dove Awards, PMPC Star Awards, Anak TV Seal, USTv Awards, UP Gandingan Awards, and even from the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union. It recently bagged a nomination at the Taiwan International Chidlren’s Film Festival and Kuya Kim was proclaimed as an Ambassador for International Year of Biodiversity by the PAWB.

Aside from television, “Matanglawin” is also available in books and it has a club to further encourage the youth to search for knowledge.

Even Kuya Kim’s reputation leveled up to greater heights as he is now being recognized as an icon to both the young and the old for being a well-known trivia king and being an animal-lover and devoted environmentalist.

Don’t miss “Matanglawin” this Sunday (April 25), 11 AM on ABS-CBN.

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