Coco Martin – Chalk Magazine April 2010 Cover

Coco Martin is no ordinary summer boy on the cover of Chalk Magazine's April 2010 issue.

Hailed as the Prince of Pinoy Independent (Indie) Movies, Coco has proven himself as an actor who is serious about his craft. His notable films include Masahista (which won him a Young Critics Circle Award for Best Actor), Tirador, Tambolista, Serbis, Kinatay and Jay (which won him Best Supporting Actor in Gawad Urian).

Unlike many people his age, Coco has the privilege to choose his projects. Many young stars who are products of talent shows have to do what producers tell them to do. Coco, on the other hand, is an experienced actor with an impressive filmography. He’s one of the few who can say they pick the projects they’ll be a part of and is proud of every single one he has done.

“I choose the project, not the paycheck,” he said.

Coco gets up close with Chalk:

On his ideal girl:

“Sobrang simple. I’m not into really pretty girls because i’m so insecure! Ha Ha! I get attracted to someone with a broad mind. Not necessarily smart, but someone who knows about the world.”

On his courting strategy:

“Ligaw-mata. I’m super shy. If I like a girl, I’d never approach. I would just show her with my eyes. She’ll know I’m interested. I don’t know how to make ligaw. I do it by instinct. If I feel that the girl is interested too and we get to sit beside each other, I’ll just grab her hand. Lucky for me, I haven’t been embarrassed yet.”

On summer flings:

“Actually masaya ‘yun. There’s nothing wrong with it. If you ask me, summer is vacation time. It’s time to let go and relax. Whatever you experience and go through, just enjoy it. It’s the time to explore and who knows what you’ll discover about yourself?”

On his greatest accomplishment:

I’ve been able to make films that I can be proud of. That’s where I spend my time and my effort. I really have been particular with my filmography.

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