Melisa and Jason to Star in a Teleserye with Sam and Maja

The romance continues in the country’s first realiserye “Melason In Love” featuring the “Prinsesa and Prinsipe ng Masa” Melisa Cantiveros and Jason Francisco.

After a jealous fit because of Jason’s date with beautiful fan Lucia, Melisa will doubt her boyfriend again this week when he goes to a boy’s night-out with C4 boys Paul Jake, Johan, and Tibo.

What could have happened that night that made Melisa feel bad? Also watch how Jason will get Melisa’s trust back when she leaves for her hometown in General Santos City without him.

Last week, we followed the twosome in their much-awaited date in Mall of Asia and in the story conference of their teleserye with Maja Salvador and Sam Milby.

As the show enters its last three weeks, expect more romantic scenes. Don’t miss “Melason In Love” with host Bianca Gonzalez at 9:30am on Monday (Mar 8) before the “82nd Academy Awards.” The program will be back on its original timeslot at 10:30am on ABS-CBN with a same-day replay at 6:30pm on Studio 23. Watch the week’s highlights every Saturday, 10pm on ABS-CBN.

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