Charice’s Pyramid Remixes are Now Available!

Diz is it! The first step for Charice's Billboard Pyramid is the release of her single's 6 remix versions on February 23, 2010. Pre-order now!

The remixes for “Pyramid” by Barry Harris and Jonathan Peters are now available for pre-order on Amazon. Release date is on February 23, 2010. Each track is only $0.99. There’s also a 6-track compilation Pyramid remixes available for only $4.99.

The Pyramid Remix was first heard on radio today in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is set to be played on other radio stations in the US this weekend.

The impact date for Pyramid’s album version to be played on US radio stations is March 8, 2010. The release of the official single will follow. It’s still a mystery up to now whether it will be Sean Kingston or Iyaz who will be featured in the album version.

We can now help Charice in her climb to the Billboard Pyramid by doing the first step: Buy the remix versions of her single. By the time the official single starts playing on radio on March 8, our next step is to request for it.


Charice – Pyramid Barry Harris Club Remix

Charice – Pyramid Remixes (6 tracks)

1. Pyramid [Barry Harris Club]
2. Pyramid [Barry Harris Radio Edit]
3. Pyramid [Jonathan Peters Club]
4. Pyramid [Jonathan Peters Radio Edit]
5. Pyramid [Dave Aude Club]
6. Pyramid [Dave Aude Radio Edit]

Charice – Pyramid Jonathan Peters Radio Edit Version

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