Charice is on the Cover of ‘Go Girl’ Magazine in Indonesia

The September 2011 issue of "Go Girl!" magazine in Indonesia has our very own Charice on the cover.

Charice is not just famous in Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea. She also has a strong fanbase in the biggest archipelago in the world – Indonesia!

This is why Go Girl!, a bestselling magazine in Indonesia, used as the cover for their September 2011 issue.

“Go Girl!” is a teen magazine with female readers in the age bracket of 15-23 years old. It’s known for using international stars in its cover, and it uses a mix of English and Bahasa on its articles.

The teen magazine’s September 2011 issue is titled, “Eastern Issue” and it’s all about what’s hot in Asia from music, food, movies, celebrities etc. And because Charice is currently the most popular Asian international star, she’s perfect covergirl for this issue.

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