Charice Joins Glee, Finally!

Although she previously denied the rumors, it has been officially confirmed that Charice is joining the cast of Glee!

Last May 23, we posted here in Starmometer a speculation that Charice might join the highly popular tv series “Glee” (CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE). We got the hunch during the mini-presscon after the Philippine launch of Charice’s international album when the pop star mentioned that she has a certain “surprise” that according to her, “will surely delight her fans in the coming days.”

Two days after (May 25), celebrity blogger Perez Hilton posted on his website the news about Charice joining Glee but he shot down the article the day after saying he’s been informed that Charice has NOT yet been confirmed on Glee! Charice herself dismissed the rumors on her Twitter account.

Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly became the first to report that Charice is indeed joining Glee’s second season. The website confirmed that Charice will play a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder.

Just Jared, Perez Hilton, WENN and other Hollywood blogs adapted the report. So is Starmometer since I am a big fan of Charice (obvious naman di ba?), I am glad to report that our speculation has come true!

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