Channing Tatum – Details February 2010

Star of Dear John Channing Tatum is on the cover of DETAILS Magazine February 2010 issue!

Excerpts from his Details interview:

On his burnt penis:

“It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life…I’ve been to the hospital, gotten stitches, had broken fingers and toes. But this was a suffocating kind of pain…Now my penis is fantastic!”

On depression:

“The longer I took Dexedrine, the worse I felt. It sucked all the personality from me. I’d get depressed. I would think suicidal – I was never personally suicidal, but I could see how some kids were, how they’d be, like, I can’t take this anymore.”

On his dancing:

“I’ve been wanting to talk about this forever! You have publicists and managers saying no, and I’m like, Mmm-mmm, it’s gonna come out… I think it’s hil-larious… I’m gonna make a movie about it…I’m happy I did it.”

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