Regine Velasquez is ‘Elektra’, Darna’s Nemesis this Week

Darna is facing a tough battle this week against the new super nemesis "Elektra" as portrayed by Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez.

Crazy lightning bolts, sweetly destructive voice, comically wicked attitude–Regine Velasquez as Elektra is more armed than ever as she invades Planet Earth in DARNA.

Born in Planet Venusa where women rule and men are mere slaves, Queen Elektra traversed the Earth to transfer all of its water to her dying planet. To do so, she plans to befriend the earthlings and eventually defeat Darna.

As a first step, Elektra sucked the brains of a homosexual, enabling her to speak with the people of the earth but in gay lingo! This coupled with her electric abilities and “telechenesis” which she unleashes through singing, Elektra is ready to trick the people and bring Darna down.

Will she fulfill her mission? Can Darna outmatch Elektra’s comically deadly capabilities? Or will Planet Earth be the new Planet Venusa?

Watch out for the geared-up Regine Velasquez as Elektra this week in DARNA, after 24 Oras.

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