Top 10 Celebrity Endorsers of 2009 According to Manila Standard and Wiki-Pilipinas

Manila Standard and Wiki-Pilipinas both released a list of the Top 10 celebrity endorsers of 2009 -- and they have different rankings!

Manila Standard picked Sharon Cuneta as their no. 1 Celebrity Endorser for 2009 while on top of Wiki-Pilipinas’ list is GMA primetime queen Marian Rivera. Check out both lists:



1. Sharon Cuneta

Perennially one of the country’s most visible celebrity endorsers, Sharon has appeared in countless TV commercials and has been noted to jump from one brand to another in the same product category. This year, she can be seen promoting Nestlé Ice Cream, Nido and McDonald’s, among others.

2. Kris Aquino

Virtually everywhere from TV, print and billboards, Kris may very well be this year’s favorite celebrity endorser. She currently has contracts with 13 brands, including Downy, Smart, Philip Stein, Goldilocks and Eight O’Clock.

3. Manny Pacquiao

The male Kris Aquino comes in the form of the Pacman. With endorsements ranging from alcoholic beverages and mobile providers to shampoos and cooking aids, Manny has proven himself to be just as hot a commodity as he is a boxer and an effective product ambassador.

4. Kim Chiu

As a love interest tandem, Kim has starred several commercials with Gerald Anderson. On her own, she is touted as one of today’s most influential endorsers and has been invested in by Payless, Rejoice and Whisper.

5. Marian Rivera

Natasha, Jag, SM Residences and Sunsilk are some of the products that Marian’s name has been attached to this year. She is also seen together with Dingdong Dantes in San Miguel and San Marino ads. Last September, she was named the number one celebrity endorser by QTV’s Ang Pinaka.

6. Dingdong Dantes

Marian and Dingdong are scorching as a couple and the brands they both endorse saw the profitability of that relationship. As “one of the country’s hottest men,” according to Clear, he is an effective representative of products that focus on the male physique.

7. Robin Padilla

Mass appeal and familiarity have made Robin a credible voice in advocating products with broad target markets. This year has seen him be involved in lucrative campaigns for biscuit, mobile and vitamin brands.

8. Sarah Geronimo

Coming of age has somewhat defined Sarah’s bankable identity this year. Her endorsements have been about transformations, beautifying oneself and celebrating femininity—concepts that her audience can both relate to and aspire to achieve.

9. KC Concepcion

Beauty is something that KC is born with and she makes good use of that in campaigning for beauty, grooming and personal care products. We’ve seen her appear in commercials, print ads and billboards for Garnier, Close Up and Palmolive.

10. Derek Ramsay

Arguably one of today’s most sought-after endorsers, Derek has lent his face and body to sexy advertisements for Nesvita, Lucky Me and Century Tuna, with campaigns that typically show his shirtless torso. He is also the sole leading man of apparel brand, Oxygen.

Source: Ed Biado, Manila Standard Today


1. Marian Rivera

Dubbed “The Primetime Queen of Philippine Television,” Rivera has ruled the movies, music recording, and television. Yahoo Philippines has included her in the 2009’s top ten most searched celebrities on mobile Internet and in the 2009’s top ten most searched celebrities overall. You can see her billboards (San Marino tuna, San Mig Light, Jag jeans, etc.) from South Luzon Expressway to EDSA going to Cubao.

2. Kris Aquino

Dubbed “The Queen of All Media”, Aquino has been on almost every medium of entertainment, from print to television to radio and the internet. With her great following and her “Midas Touch” in endorsing, company owners and advertisers have found her to be the best person to endorse their products. She has graced countless television commercials and print ads for products that cater to different markets enticing people to buy anything from shampoo, cosmetics, clothes and shoes, corned beef, pastries, and fast food fried chicken. She has moved from endorsing beer to making commercials for baby products with her son “Baby James.”

3. Sharon Cuneta

The Philippines’ “Megastar” has been the trusted endorser of McDonald’s, Lucky Me and SuperFerry for so many years. She was also the choice of companies to endorse products such as Alaska and Tempra. Her charm has continued to affect the buying decision of the public and cause the sales of the products she is endorsing to skyrocket. There has always been something about Sharon Cuneta that made thousands of audiences take notice of her every move and every product she uses. She had previously mentioned that she does not endorse products that she does not actually use, and even her switching from endorsing Selecta ice cream to Nestle ice cream did not seem to dismay her followers.

4. Michael V.

A man of different faces, Michael V. has proven to be an effective endorser for different sorts of products. It’s sometimes hard to tell Michael V. apart from the characters he portrays which proves how effective he is in acting. His funny antics and wholesome image has earned him advertisement contracts for Mister Donut and Joy dishwashing liquid. Apart from his talent for acting and delivering punch lines at the right time, his character behind the camera made companies choose him to become their official product endorser.

5. Angel Locsin

The change from one network to another did not seem to affect the trust of companies in Angel Locsin as the face of a number of beauty products. She has been an Avon Ambassadress for Beauty for a couple of years now. Her natural charisma and appeal to people earned her endorsement deals for different products, including Myra-E lotion and Rexona deodorant. She was also chosen to be the endorser of the clothing line Folded and Hung.

6. KC Concepcion

KC Concepcion has made a name for herself and veered away from being the daughter of two of the most popular and respected actors in the Philippine Showbiz Industry. Even before she ventured into show business, Concepcion had already appeared in different television commercials for a couple of products. She was asked by her mother, Sharon Cuneta, to only do commercials while still studying so as not to interfere with her academics. Her rare appearances were among the reasons why her advertisements became very effective, but Concepcion proved that now that she is in showbiz full-time, her crowd-drawing power did not waver but rather has strengthened. Her wholesome image and likeable personality make Concepcion one of the top celebrity endorsers of the year.

7. Piolo Pascual

It seemed that when Toni Gonzaga said “I love you, Piolo” in a softdrink commercial, everyone else wanted to do the same thing. There is no denying that Piolo Pascual is one of the most sought after actors of his generation. His good looks and talent in acting has earned him not only awards and citations but also the following of the Filipino audience. This may be the reason why a lot of companies choose Pascual to be the endorser of their products. His spiel in a multi-vitamin commercial makes you want to also be complete and start by purchasing and using the product. Who could resist his smile when he holds up a chicken leg and and says that it’s his favorite food? There truly is something about the charisma of Piolo Pascual that makes him not only a good actor but also a very effective product endorser.

8. Manny Pacquiao

The World’s Pound for Pound King and the pride of the Filipinos has also been the choice of leading brands to be the face of their products. Apart from the millions he make from winning boxing matches, Pacquiao also rakes in millions for the companies of the products he endorses. He has earned himself deals to endorse products ranging from shampoo to a vitamin-enriched drink, as well as a global endorsement for a brand of sports shoes which put him on billboards not only in the Philippines but also in the United States. Along with his family, Pacquiao also endorses McDonald’s, Magnolia Fresh Milk and Magnolia Ice Cream.

9. Aga Muhlach

The line “Isa pa, isa pang Chickenjoy” will always be attributed to Aga Muhlach. He became the resident endorser of Jollibee, starting when he was still a bachelor, up until he became a family man. Muhlach has raked in a lot of cash for Jollibee and for the other products he is endorsing, with the boy-next-door look and sweet smile that makes girls from different ages swoon. But that’s not the only thing that made Aga one of the top endorsers in Philippine showbiz industry. His transformation into a family man seems to have made the audience love him more and to have increased his appeal.

10. Judy Ann Santos

There has always been something about Judy Ann Santos that makes her stand out from a crowd. This may be the reason why she was chosen by different companies to be the face of their products. Her acting talent has earned the respect of both the audience and the people she works with, which makes her seem more credible when endorsing products and also makes her more effective in the television commercials. Truly one of the best actresses in the country and one of the most effective celebrity endorsers, she appears in advertisements for home and beauty products.

Source: Wiki-Pilipinas

We have to consider that Manila Standard and Wiki-Pilipinas have different criteria in making their list of the country’s Top 10 Celebrity Endorsers for this year. But which ranking do you prefer? If you are to make your own ranking, who will be your Top 10?

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