Judy Ann Reveals Ryan Didn’t Allow Macho Dancers in Her Bridal Shower

It’s normal for bridal showers to have macho men dancing and gyrating to the delight of the ladies especially the soon-to-be-bride but for Judy Ann Santos, this wasn’t the case.

“Ryan didn’t allow me to have macho dancers on my bridal shower!” said Juday. “It’s fine with me though because I respected him then as my soon-to-be-husband.”

Despite Ryan’s restriction, the award-winning actress didn’t stop her hubby from having sexy girls on his bachelor’s party.

“That’s already part of it so I just let him be with his friends. After our respective parties, we didn’t talk about it at all,” she added.

Will the characters they portray in the romantic comedy “George and Cecil” react the same way when they see each other unexpectedly on a bridal shower this Sunday (Nov 22)?

Ronnie (Archie Alemanie) and Grace (Dionne Monsanto) will fight over Gordon’s (Jommy Teotico) mishaps involving their life thus, the couple invites George and Cecil separately to unwind. They all unknowingly find themselves together in one place and George will find Cecil in the company of sexy young girls.

Don’t miss “George and Cecil” this Sunday (Nov 22), after “Sharon,” on ABS-CBN.