Sunday Night is Rockeoke Night in ‘Bandaoke! Rock n’ Roll to Millions!’

The original videoke game show from GMA-7 gets a modern makeover.

Eight years and 400 episodes after, ALL STAR K thought it timely to undergo a bold transformation while still maintaining some of its videoke features that viewers have come to love.

The result? BANDAOKE! ROCK N’ ROLL TO MILLIONS! – a progressive and contemporary spin-off of the long-running musical game show set to premiere this October 25 on GMA Network.

This version of All Star K introduces a brand new level of fun and interactive singing, which truly sets it apart from other shows of similar format. While it still follows the same principles used in karaoke, BANDAOKE! ROCK N’ ROLL TO MILLIONS! has incorporated a live band accompaniment, who, together with the hosts, contestants, and audience members, will take part in completing each song.

Joining the invincible tandem of game masters Allan K and Jaya are three of the network’s newest discoveries Frencheska Farr, Jay Perillo, and Geoff Taylor, collectively known as the Banda-oke! Band. Fresh from Are You The Next Big Star?, Frencheska, Jay, and Geoff will provide the live music and youthful energy needed for the game play.

The singing battle begins with two teams of three members each and a “bandaoke” coach assigned to each team. The two coaches will have to answer a music-related question in order to determine which of the two teams will sing first. The team with the correct answer can either PLAY or PASS.

Both coaches shall then determine which one of his three teammates will play first. At the end of each song, the player with the most number of correct answers shall be declared as the round winner. After three rounds, the team with the most pot money will move on to the one-on-one-on-one round, where the former teammates will now be competing against each other.

In this next round, the same rules apply except each player must be able to sing a specified number of blanks. Only one winner will emerge from this round and will play in the ONE MILLION JACKPOT ROUND.

Sing along and win millions in BANDAOKE! ROCK N’ ROLL TO MILLIONS! beginning October 25 on GMA Network’s Linggo Binggo.

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