After Joey de Leon, Allan K Makes ‘It’s Showtime’ Appearance (Video)

After Joey de Leon, another "Eat Bulaga!" personality graced the ABS-CBN noontime show "It's Showtime."

Allan K Impersonator

It’s TV host-comedian Allan K…or at least his impersonator.

Richard Ditan from Sta. Cruz, Manila, assumed the appearance of Allan K to compete for the celebrity look-alike contest in “It’s Showtime” called “KalokaLike” on Saturday, March 2.

Just like what the Joey de Leon impersonator did a couple of weeks ago, Ditan made fun of Allan K and talked with the hosts of Eat Bulaga’s rival noontime show.

He performed Prince‘s “Kiss.”

Ditan earned perfect scores from the judges and won Saturday’s edition of the look-alike contest.

Watch the video here:

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