Pinoy Idol Versus Pinoy Dream Academy 2 – Poll Results

Check out the results of our poll and find out how many respondents are in favor of Pinoy Idol and Pinoy Dream Academy 2.

Pinoy Idol – 246 votes (30%)
Pinoy Dream Academy 2 – 552 votes (67%)
Both – 16 votes (2%)
None of the above – 8 votes (1%)

In my opinion, Pinoy Idol is lagging behind Pinoy Dream Academy technical-wise. GMA should learn with how ABS-CBN is running their talent competition. PDA has better sounds, better back-up vocals, better stage, better judges, etc. Although they both have promising contestants, how can they shine if the people are no longer watching?

So with the question “which show is better”? My personal choice is Pinoy Dream Academy 2.

“Which show am i watching?” Both.

So what do you think?

(Let’s have a healthy argument but please take into consideration that everyone has their own personal opinion ok?)

1 Comment on Pinoy Idol Versus Pinoy Dream Academy 2 – Poll Results

  1. princess // April 23, 2015 at 4:15 am //

    pinoy academy is da best…..hahaha….funny

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