Pinoy Idol: Kid and Daryl Trump the Competition

Ever since Penelope and Robby left the show, only two idol hopefuls remain consistent in delivering the goods every week. In the top 5 performance show last night, Kid Camaya and Daryl Celis received the approval from the judges.

And here’s our Top 5 Power Ranking for the said episode:

1. Kid Camaya – Careless Whisper

2. Daryl Celis – The Promise

3. Jayann Bautista – Finally

4. Ram Chaves – Bahay Yugyugan

5. Gretchen Espina – I’m Here

But of course, we don’t know if both Daryl and Kid will make it to the top 3 as two contestants are getting the boot tonight based from the people’s votes. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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