Sandara’s Love Affair with Pinoy Food Never Ends

Korean food might have captured the Pinoy palate, but 2NE1 member and the Pambansang Krung Krung would rather enjoy her favorite Filipino food!

Photo credit: @daraxxi on Instagram

Sandara Park is a true blue Pinoy food enthusiast, with sisig, tocino, and sinangag as one of her top faves. Fans can see her raving all about it from time to time on her social media pages and her Youtube channel, Dara TV.

Whether it’s a playful boodle fight with friends or a solo adventure in a local carinderia, her smile and genuine excitement paint a vivid picture of someone who has not only embraced the food but the entire dining experience. Watch the Idol Truck Project episodes on Youtube and see what we mean.

What sets Sandara apart is not just her palate, but her willingness to dive into the kitchen herself. In one of her vlogs, she cooked her beloved Pinoy instant noodles and even introduced them to her fellow 2NE1 members. There was even one time when she hoarded packs of it so she could bring it to Korea!

During her last Manila visit, she proudly announced that she and her staff members gained weight from all the delicious food they ate. “Food monster Dara in Manila”, indeed!

Amazing how Sandara’s got quite the palate for Pinoy food, isn’t it? Her sweet appreciation for our cuisine from time to time surely lightens up every Pinoy’s heart!

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