TikTok Star ‘Pambansang Yobab’ Does Christmas Food Mukbang in ‘Tao Po’

ABS-CBN reporter Raphael Bosano chats with TikTok star Euleen Castro or “Pambansang Yobab” about her journey towards body positivity while doing a Christmas food mukbang on “Tao Po” this Sunday (December 17).

They will talk about Euleen’s insecurities, bullying experience and how she gained confidence after healing from the trauma of societal judgment and body shaming. Euleen will share her thoughts on amassing 2.8 million followers in Tiktok and how she uses this platform to spread good vibes and fun.

Bernadette Sembrano teams up with Jetro Rafael, owner of restaurant “Van Gogh is Bipolar,” to bring Christmas cheer to 7-year-old Troy De Guzman and his siblings. Troy De Guzman only wishes for a remote-control car this Christmas, which he has longed for all year but cannot get because of his family’s financial condition. The restaurant’s “Ang Mabuting Aparador” project spreads love to little kids from less privileged families by giving them Christmas presents.

Meanwhile, Kabayan Noli De Castro will sample exotic foods such as chichaworms, fried crickets and frogs. He will feature Aiko Litao, former saleslady-turned-entrepreneur, who will tell the story of how her unique food business grew and thrived.

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