Philippine Parks Congress Returns on Its Second Year

Following the resounding success of its inaugural Philippine Parks Congress (PPC) last year, the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) takes great pride in unveiling the upcoming 2nd Philippine Parks Congress scheduled for November 23-34. This year’s congress, themed “Creating Sustainable Parks and Active Communities,” promises to build upon the achievements of its predecessor, fostering dialogue and collaboration toward the advancement of our nation’s parks and the promotion of vibrant, active communities.

Now in its second year, the PPC is poised to take place in both Manila and the acclaimed New Clark City—a city distinguished as the country’s leading green, smart, sustainable, and disaster-resilient metropolis, providing a fitting backdrop for this significant event. Located within the Province of Tarlac, New Clark City is the home of the National Government Administrative Center (NGAC), which features two buildings with a total floor area of 24,000 square meters, housing essential facilities such as a satellite office for the Office of the President of the Philippines, agencies engaged in disaster and risk management, and other offices constituting the Integrated Operations Center (IOC) of the government.

Designed as a pivotal hub for knowledge exchange and collaboration, the 2-day Congress will facilitate dialogues between the public and private sectors. A dynamic program featuring study tours, plenary discussions, and networking opportunities will guide participants in exploring best practices associated with maintaining and developing public parks, tourism sites, and open spaces.

The PPC’s goals are explicit and forward-looking, laying the groundwork for extensive engagement. The Congress aims to unite diverse public and private sector groups involved in the development of urban parks and open spaces across the Philippines. An essential objective is to establish the foundation for a national framework that directs the development of urban parks within the Philippine context. Seeking clarity, the PPC will endeavor to define what constitutes an urban park or public park within the Philippine context and showcase best practices and case studies from different parks managers across the country.

NPDC Executive Director Cecille Lorenzana-Romero shares, “We are thrilled to witness the remarkable strides our partners are taking in the development of cutting-edge parks and open spaces, particularly within the vibrant landscapes of New Clark City and Tarlac province. Their pioneering efforts have not only raised the standard but have become a beacon for the seamless integration of design excellence and elements that foster a culture of active and healthy living in our parks. This visionary approach serves as an inspiration for all, setting a compelling precedent for the future of sustainable urban development and community well-being.”

Spearheaded by the NPDC, an esteemed agency under the Department of Tourism overseeing iconic sites like Rizal Park Luneta and Paco Park, the event is made possible through strategic partnerships. Co-organizers Nayong Pilipino Foundation and Intramuros Administration, along with Venue Partner Bases Conversion and Development Authority, and LGU Partner Provincial Government of Tarlac, contribute to the seamless execution of this congress.

The list of co-presenters and partners underscores the broad support for this endeavor, featuring prominent names such as the Department of Tourism, Tourism Promotions Board, Philippine Parks and Biodiversity, Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau, Philippine Association of Landscape Architects, and Urban Land Institute Philippines.

With an inclusive participant roster that includes representatives from the public and private sector, landscape architects, architects, urban/environmental planners, foresters, NGAs, GOCCs, LGUs, partner agencies and organizations, students, educators, researchers, and other professionals vested in park management and development, the PPC stands poised to be a nexus of knowledge, collaboration, and innovation in the realm of urban park development.

Physical attendance is limited to those who have successfully registered via the registration link HERE. The general public is invited to participate via Zoom or through Facebook Live. Certificates will be sent to those who have successfully attended via Zoom. Limited slots only.

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