SOS Comes to Terms with Love and Loss on the Emotional Anthem ‘Please Lang’

Filipino indie rock quintet SOS delves into the impact of lost connections and romantic fallouts on “Please Lang,” their new single under Careless Music.

An emotional anthem that reflects on the weight of unresolved fights and the silent, often unacknowledged trauma it inflicts, “Please Lang” serves as the third offering off their upcoming five-track EP, It Was A Moment—to be released sometime in early 2024.

According to vocalist Roberto Seña, the guitar-driven song delivers confessional songwriting that is evident in most of their music. 

“It’s a sad song that focuses on what happened rather than what could have been. It’s also just good fun, really—being able to laugh or have a sense of humor while experiencing inevitable heartbreak. Eventually, the song takes a darker turn as the song settles; things come to an end, and we just have to accept it.”

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