Dave Trinidad Bargains with Love with New Track ‘Kahit Sandali’

Filipino crooner Dave Trinidad is back with the new song Kahit Sandali, out now on music streaming platforms. A follow-up track to his debut single HiwagaKahit Sandali is a song about the anxious thought of losing someone you love, the uncertainty of living, and the certainty of losing.

Writing About the Fear of Losing a Treasured Love

Backed primarily by a guitar, Kahit Sandali has a soft rock sound that’s great for easy listening, whether by yourself to fully immerse in its emotions or to share with your loved ones as a romantic gesture.

“It’s a song conveying someone’s need for someone’s presence. I wrote that song thinking of death and losing somebody due to some circumstance, but it turned out to be a sweet love song, pleading for someone to stay beside them,” Dave explains the song. “It’s like telling someone to stay for a little bit longer because being with them feels like nothing’s going to go wrong.”

As a singer-songwriter, Dave isn’t afraid of revisiting his past work to find a fresh perspective and produce an even better song. He divulges that Kahit Sandali was actually created in this manner: “It was inspired by my old song Kahit Di Ko Alam which only has a verse and a chorus. I loved how I sang the chorus, so I went back to it and rewrote it.”

If there’s a word that captures Kahit Sandali, it’s pleading. The song begins with Dave asking his significant other to not leave him and to stay by his side longer. He then continues to reiterate his commitment despite the uncertainty of their relationship, crooning: “Sa’yong sa’yo lang, kahit ‘di ko alam kung sa’n ito papunta (I’m only yours, even though I don’t know where this is going).” 

The song follows the perspective of someone so in love that they resort to bargaining with their love despite not clearly knowing where they stand. It tells of a love that is all-consuming to the point where the lover is willing to offer himself fully and with abandon, captured in the lines, “Ikaw ang tanging dahilan kaya nakakayanan kong ‘di matakot mabigo. Kahit kailan ‘di hihinto, kahit maubos man ako (You’re the only reason why I’m not afraid to fall. I’ll never stop [loving you] even if I lose myself).

“The first stanza of this song is just a bunch of words we usually say when we want to tell someone ‘stay.’ The second verse is where my point of realization is,” adds Dave. “It’s realizing that the person behind this song is my every reason. In everything that I do and think about every day, that person is always included. They’re someone that I need for me to keep going.”

When asked about his favorite line from the song, Dave reveals that it’s “‘huwag kang mawawala’ (don’t go). This is where I put all the emotions of the song itself. Because for me, in order to let someone know that you want them to stay, you have to make them feel. For me, the best way to do this is to say it directly.”

Building and Leaving a Legacy

Though this is only his second release since signing with UMG Philippines and making his musical debut, Dave already looks forward to leaving a lasting legacy in the music industry.

“I want to change lives. I want to be an influential person not just because of my songs but also because of the way I treat the people who look up to me. I want to be an inspiration.”Dave is eager to deliver on this ambition, sharing advice with his listeners who relate to Kahit Sandali: “If there’s a person you love or care for, tell them what you really feel. If they made you feel bad, tell them and fix it. If they made you feel alive, thank them and reciprocate it. In some ways, it’s true that love is all that matters, so as long as we’re here, let people feel your love.”

As one of OPM’s most promising singer-songwriters, Dave looks up to those who came before him. “My band says that Kahit Sandali sounds like an Ebe Dancel song since it’s full of emotions,” Dave shares.

Despite the comparisons, Dave finds himself honored and welcomes the challenge to forge his own path. “For me, the song is Dave Trinidad, but it’s so flattering that some people hear Sir Ebe with my song Kahit Sandali.”

The new listeners he’ll surely gain through Kahit Sandali have a lot more to expect from Dave. Dave even shares a sneak peek at the things he’s currently excited about: “I’m working on an album now. I already have four songs for this EP, and it’s a different kind of vibe.”

With his golden voice and lyrics that tug at your heartstrings, Dave can only look forward to a fruitful career ahead of him.

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